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 A full range of world-class web design and programming services, including but not limited to:
  • Optimized for speed hand-coded HTML
  • Server-side includes and scripting
  • Database-driven web sites
  • Cold Fusion
  • PHP
  • Flash
  • Banner exchange systems
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Client-server technologies
  • Graphics design and optimization
  • C++, Java, Pascal, Prolog, Lisp programming
  • ActiveX, ADO, OLE, COM, STL, ATL technologies
  • Database design with Berkeley DB, FoxPro, Access
  • Custom CGI Scripting
 You may have noticed that we here at Harm.us have been in this business for a long, long time. We share a unique combination of skills and education which raises us well above the competition. No other site or single developer in the global heavy music community can boast such a broad range of knowledge and experience.

 All of us have "respectable" design or programming-related day jobs where our primary duties consist of satisfying the needs of large-scale corporate clients. And now, for the first time ever, we are willing to pass all this wealth of knowledge to you, fellow metalheads.

 Whether it is establishing your band's web presence or developing a dynamic application for your label, we are the people to turn to, as we know all the specifics of the global metal scene, and we are highly skilled web design and programming professionals at the same time!
 In the course of our careers, we have designed and programmed numerous applications such as online pharmacies, casinos, stores, music-related and sound engineering sites, multimedia presentations and last but not least, the greatest example of a database-driven application, this very site, Harm.us!

Whether your needs call for a "yours-only" online forum, a custom poll, an easily updated products list, a guestbook or just plain old visually-attractive personal web presence, we are the specialists to turn to.

 Email potrokh@hotmail.com to discuss your particular needs and see what we could work out for you.
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