Elvenpath is a new band from Germany and there is no surprise that they are into heavy/power metal. They name Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian as their main influences but I am not totally sure for that. They more remind me of Gamma Ray and Judas Priest.

There are two things I noticed when I listened to “Gateways”. The first one is the duration of the tracks. There are five songs with a total duration over 40 minutes. This is good because it proves that Elvenpath don’t care about airplay or composing hit songs but on the other hand these songs are a little bit tiring. The second thing I noticed is the average production. The sound is not very clean and in combination with the long tracks makes the listening of this album tiring. But Elvenpath are not bad. They try to present us something good and some of their ideas are really interesting. I think a good idea will be to spend some more time together and try to compose better songs. And a little more attention to their vocals would be great.

I have to mention that “The Land That Could Not Be” song of theirs is dedicated to Kurdistan and I would like to congratulate them for that move. I hope I will be able to congratulate them for their music too in their next release. Keep trying guys.

03/23/2005 Bleeding